p5 workshop

This was a very enjoyable workshop. I always enjoy coding, especially in javascript. I like the visual outcome of the code, be it a game, a psychedelic visual, or an animation. My previous experience with processing better prepared me for this workshop, but of course, there was still much more to learn about javascript. I learned more about functions and what each function does, and how to make code apply to a specific function. I also learned how to better utilize libraries in p5 and in javascript in general. I also never realized that javascript can slightly differ based on which program you’re using. For example, in processing, semicolons were vital in letting your code run, but in p5, my code still seemed to run in the absence of the semicolon. I am still in the process of working on my game, and since I will not be able to participate in the showcase of my unpolished creation, I will continue to try to work in p5 if I have the available time.

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