Youth Works

Youth Works

In the first week of Youth Works, I was fairly unfamiliar with the whole “clocking in and out” system. I also wasn’t quite sure what my specific task was the first few days, until I realized that my task wasn’t particularly specific. My job was to be a project planner and to improve the Center of Excellence. Project planner meant that I basically mapped out potential projects that can happen in the Tech Center and the Center of Excellence deals with other instructors from different maker spaces. This task wasn’t specific due to the plethora of possible projects. Eventually I got into the groove of it and started creating project ideas and mapped out how to do them so others could execute it. For the Center of Excellence, I had to create things that could possibly be ideas for a classroom or makerspace.

The first project I created was laser cutting pixel art. I illustrated pixel art in Inkscape by utilizing the grid.

The second project I worked on was creating a recycling sign so that people would know what they can recycle and so that they don’t throw trash into the recycling bin. I had to brainstorm a design and I was unsatisfied with my initial design, so I revised it. This could have potentially been used in different classrooms.


My next project focused on the Micro:bit.


The micro:bit is an ARM-based embedded system.

The microbit can be powered by micro usb or by a battery that can be connected to the back of the device. There is also an accelerometer. On the front of the device there is a 5×5 grid of led lights, a button on each side of the grid, three digital/analog input/output rings, a power ring, and a ground ring.


My next project was a project with p5. This project was to create a short game over multiple open-make sessions using p5. I created a game myself as an example.


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