Portfolio for fabslam 0

Portfolio for fabslam

A problem that happened was what the goggles would look like the solution that we thought was to make the goggles look like glasses

the biggest challenge was building on the helmet because it was really hard to attach the goggles on to it.

I am most proud of finishing the project before the judges came

Working with a team is super fun because you don’t have to do all the work

We all choose are own roles in the project

We all talked to each other so we now how to work together

I would add a visor above the goggles

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3Dprintbuilding 0


Something that I had learned was how to wire things to the Arduino

One of the biggest problems was getting the zip ties on the box.

I think finishing the 3d printer was what I felt like the most proud of doing.

I liked how most of my team worked on the printer so we where able to finish pretty fast.

I will build another 3d printer because I would want to have it for my self.


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mold making

sense I really like math i made my mold into a equals sign
One challenge was that the printer would not let print my mold
I made 3 different mold designs
the end result was not able to print

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construction toy

  1. I choose the popsicle stick for my constructor toy because it was a easy thing to use.
  2. I had to measure the popsicle stick height and width and make it on a block
  3. Sizing was a problem
  4. The end result of the constructor toy was  
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Me and my friend are making a sketch of things in the game it will be super cool and awesome and educative not

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Sample Portfolio Piece 0

Sample Portfolio Piece

This is a portfolio piece. I have set it as a portfolio by choosing the “Portfolio” category on the right side of the edit post screen.

A portfolio might contain text……

This is a project I’ve been working on to help manage all our 3D printers. It’s called FabHive!

and photos…..

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