A Crazy Colored Bookshelf

A Crazy Colored Bookshelf

Hey, it’s Aiyanah M. Today I am talking about my beautiful bookshelf and it’s not so beautiful paint job.

So I was brainstorming for ideas for the capstone when I realized…

1. I need space for books.

2. It would be awesome to make a bookshelf.

3.I can use CNC, 3D printing, and the laser cutter to make it.

So I knew what I was doing but how to do it? I did lots of research into fun and artsy designs.

I had (awful) sketches and notes on what I would make.

While I liked them, some seemed overly complicated and others seemed to be boring and not a challenge. So I came up with my own.

My idea was to get planks and put thick blocks of wood between them. Then I would add the back. These were the things I used;

  • 2x10x10 wood blocks(6)
  • 1x11x36 planks(4)
  • 36x33x1/4 backing(1)
  • 2″ wheels(4)
  • can of purple paint
  • spray can of blue paint
  • spray can of white paint

This is what I ended up using, though what I had in mind was a slight bit different.

So I can make a bookshelf but how did I incorporate the different ways of manufacturing? Well I was going to use the CNC mill to carve designs into the 10×10 blocks that would be visible from the sides. The problem with this was that on some of the designs, parts of it were to small for the CNC mill. I could have tried to find an even smaller bit but Mary suggested that I laser cut it.

These were the 10 x 10 bookshelf pieces in easel when I was about to CNC them.

These were the 10 x 10 bookshelf pieces in inkscape when I was preparing to laser cut them.

This was 2 skill we learned but what about 3D printing? Well I made 3D printed bookends. I used some fun quotes on them and designed it using 123D design. I had a problem doing this and it was size. By accident, I was making the bookends too small. I was able to fix this and reprint them.

These are the bookend designs.

After all the pieces were done I had to paint and assemble. I was going to make it purple and black then I had a streak of inspiration gone wrong. I saw some blue spray paint cans lying around and started playing around.  It didn’t go well.

After this was assembly. I learned how to use a drill to put it together. At some points it was too hard to drill in at an angle so I 3D printed some brackets to help.  The first time I got the measurements right but it worked the second time.


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