Lego Mini-fig Documentation

For this project I used a real Lego mini-fig, to create a copy that was 3d printed. Grab a real Lego mini-fig and measure all the socket and pegs and measured everything then put the
measurements in fusion. Before I printed it I times it by two and printed it in a 3d printer. My favorite part was using the calipers and measuring the Lego pieces and seeing if it would fit
or not in the sockets and pegs, but at the end  I couldn’t believe how smooth it was to move the pieces of the Lego mini-fig.


Some of The tools I used were fillet, combined, extrude, hole, press and pull and etc.Problems I faced was the upper hip on Lego figure, and the inside of the torso. The way I fixed it was by
using fillet to smooth it down so thelegs can fit.This project helped me learn how to use fusion 360 and, the tools in it like extrude fillet and etc. I also learn  how to work a 3d printer
and, print objects in it. If I was to change anything I would changed the way I used the tools in fusion and, make it so I had more time to perfect my Lego mini-fig.