Pinball Machine Documentation


For this project, we where suppose to make a pinball machine form different things that we learn throughout the class like laser cutter, 3d printer, and carvey. I made two things a puller that can shoot the marble, and the holder for the fidget spinners. The way that I made it was by measuring a cardboard pinball machine that we created earlier. I measured the puller in the pinball machine with a caliper, then put the measurements in fusion 360 and printed three parts.The first part was a round cinder with a hole in it, the next was a big round stopper so it can be able to be pulled and the last is another round piece that goes in the hole in the first one and, has a stopper that is in the end of it.


My favorite part was measuring items around the room to create the puller, like markers and pencils, and working with my teammates. The tools that I used where  fusion 360 calipers
and 3d printer. what learned was working with my teammates  and creating/thinking fast. The things that I would change are the time, and that me and my teammates can work so well.