3D Print Build with the A Team!

So for this course my group the A Team and I had the task of building a 3D printer (Jellybot) that had to be assembled with only zip ties!

In the end of the course we successfully put together a 3D printer, but we certainly ran into some challenges along the way.Personally I have never enjoyed working in groups because it is just too stressful and annoying so before even starting I knew that is could be a problem for me but I still remained positive. Some issues that we ran into as a group was getting the belt to connect onto the pulley (which allows the print bed to move back and fourth), we ended up needing to make lots of adjustments to the zip ties(which holds the belt in place)until we got it right. My group and I worked together by helping each other when needed, showing kindness, and remaining calm.

In the future if I was asked to do another 3D print build, I would say yes because for me building  this Jellybot has been nothing but an amazing learning experience that also helps me meet to friends and increase my social skills!

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