Posts made in December, 2016

My Capstone Project

My project is a small creature that can sit on your shoulder. It will roar using soundplant, and turn its head. Either a griffon, an owl, or a baby dragon. I haven’t decided yet. I will need: plastic...

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3 links to stuff I like

This is my favorite gaming website. It has about ten million games! A lot of the games are nice, but some of them are bad. Here is the link. cool math games This is a link to a website where you can design...

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5 goals I had for Maker Foundations

to learn emerging technologies so I will be ready for this mean old world. to improve my computer operation. to work on my ability to stay calm under pressure. join the makerettes. eat...

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Alexandra the awesome 1

Alexandra the awesome

my favorite moduleĀ at dhf was the 3D printing module. I made several different things,each better than the last. but as I prepared to print my miniproject, the printers broke. eventually my project printed....

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