My Dream House 0

My Dream House

     Dream house   The project prompt was to create the house of your dreams using computer code. The house I built was a five room house under the water, with large windows, torches, and carpet. The...

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My game 0

My game

my game is a really cool game where you get to paint the screen. you use arrow keys to move around, and there are 16 different colors you can choose from, including an eraser. I am almost done with the game,...

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Escape the desert platformer

Escape the desert platformer is my best game yet. A little bouncy ball finds itself lost in the desert, and must navigate through a series of complicated floating rocks, crumbling platforms, and a drop into...

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Outer Space Platformer

my game was called Outer Space Platformer. A little bouncy ball jumps through an outer space backdrop over lava. Then, when it reaches the end, which is marked by a little green flag, the ball is taken to the...

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capstone project progress report

I have completed all the computer work for my mini project. the dragon will sit on my shoulder and stay there because of magnets hidden under the 3D printed talons and the fabric in the shoulder of my shirt....

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My Capstone Project

My project is a small creature that can sit on your shoulder. It will roar using soundplant, and turn its head. Either a griffon, an owl, or a baby dragon. I haven’t decided yet. I will need: plastic...

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3 links to stuff I like

This is my favorite gaming website. It has about ten million games! A lot of the games are nice, but some of them are bad. Here is the link. cool math games This is a link to a website where you can design...

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5 goals I had for Maker Foundations

to learn emerging technologies so I will be ready for this mean old world. to improve my computer operation. to work on my ability to stay calm under pressure. join the makerettes. eat...

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Alexandra the awesome 1

Alexandra the awesome

my favorite module at dhf was the 3D printing module. I made several different things,each better than the last. but as I prepared to print my miniproject, the printers broke. eventually my project printed....

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