Who Am I?

As you probably know, my name is Alexandra Wald. I am currently taking the digital harbor maker foundation class. we do cool stuff like 3D printing. ten interesting facts about me are:

  1. I will be joining the makerettes as soon as my week frees up.
  2. my hobby is crocheting mittens, if I work very hard, I can finish one mitten in a day.
  3. I have a dog, but I would really like a lizard or a snake as a pet.
  4. I am the best artist of my friends, but the worst artist in art class.
  5. I am homeschooled.
  6. next year I will be taking a trip to disney world with my parents and brother.
  7. In two weeks I will be participating in a gurps roleplay time travel campaign, which is AWSOME!!!!!!!
  8. Oh, I’ve run out of ideas. good night!