My favorite project in Arduino to IOT

My favorite project I completed in Arduino to IOT was when I made my “Finger Print Scanner”. The prompt was to make my LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)screen say it was scanning your finger print when someone held the FSR(Force Sensitive Resistor). When I first got the LCD screen I had no idea what it was, so I first had to figure out how to use it. Once I learned how to use it I watched multiple videos on how to use a FSR with the LCD. One problem I ran into many times was when my Arduino setup matched the photo I was copying off of and it wasn’t working. It came to the point of me taking all my wires out of my Arduino and restarting. Twice. After the second time of restarting (and Dishon helping) it finally worked. It was a extremely fun but challenging project.

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Scratch Game prt2

In my game I teamed up with my partner named Sam and we made a amazing game called Bob Ross doing everyday Bob Ross things. The point of the game was for the smaller Bob Ross to attack the other sprites. So we decided to make the game because we both thought we should make a  game about Bob Ross in some way. So we decided that I would do the art portion and he would do the coding. For the art I mostly just took pictures we liked off the internet and  just sent them to him. The link for our game is below.

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Scratch Game

How my game was supposed to work is you would start on a sheet of music and you have to move the piano notes to the correct slots on the sheet music. The game didn’t work because I didn’t have enough time to finish and the worst things that could happen did. First my original idea didn’t work cause I made the sprite wrong. Then I thought that I could have more success if I changed my idea but then I realized too late that I wouldn’t have enough time to make the game so it kinda blew up in my face. I took this experience as a chance to learn not as failure.

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Maze ! 0

Maze !

For my maze project I had a difficult but interesting time. First I drew out my first maze on paper. Once I finished drawing I took a picture and downloaded it on to the computer, opened the picture in Inkscape and traced the picture. After I finished tracing I realized that I did not like how it looked SO I made another one without tracing. Some problems I had were having to go back and making all of  the lines angled to path. I still enjoyed making itscreen-shot-2016-12-21-at-4-21-28-pm

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In Inkscape I made a notepad. After thinking about many designs I saw a notepad on the agenda board and decided to make that. The first thing I did was  activate the snap  grid.  Then I used the pen tool. I enjoyed making it. If there was anything that I could do differently is try using more tools.

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Capstone project 0

Capstone project

  • I wanted to make a music player but it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to.
  • I wanted to make it because I enjoy music and I thought it would be cool to include something I enjoy with the Arduino.
  • An input I used was the Potentiometer
  • An Output I used was the Piezo
  • (This is the code I used)

int speakerpin=9; //Variable to store pin of LED
int potentPin=A0; //Variable to store pin of potentiometer
int potentValue=0; //Variable to store last known value of potentiometer
int brightnessValue=0; //Variable to store LED brightness
int tones[] = {174.6, 277.2,415.3,311.1,349.2,523.3,554.4,311.1,622.3,349.2,523.3,415.3,554.4,622.3,698.5,622.3,174.6,261.6, };
void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:
pinMode(speakerpin, OUTPUT); //Setup LED pin for output

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
potentValue=analogRead(potentPin); //Read the value of the potentiometer pin
brightnessValue=map(potentValue,0,1023,0,255); //Map the potentiometer value to a brightness
tone(speakerpin, tones[0]);
else if (potentValue<30){
tone(speakerpin, tones[1]);
else if (potentValue<45){
tone(speakerpin, tones[2]);
else if (potentValue<60){
tone(speakerpin, tones[3]);
else if (potentValue<85){
tone(speakerpin, tones[4]);
else if (potentValue<100){
tone(speakerpin, tones[5]);
else if (potentValue<115){
tone(speakerpin, tones[6]);
else if (potentValue<130){
tone(speakerpin, tones[7]);
else if (potentValue<145){
tone(speakerpin, tones[8]);
else if (potentValue<160){
tone(speakerpin, tones[9]);
else if (potentValue<175){
tone(speakerpin, tones[10]);
else if(potentValue<190){
tone(speakerpin, tones[11]);
else if (potentValue<205){
tone(speakerpin, tones[12]);
else if(potentValue<220){
tone(speakerpin, tones[13]);
else if(potentValue<235){
tone(speakerpin, tones[14]);
else if(potentValue<250){
tone(speakerpin, tones[15]);
else if(potentValue<265){
tone(speakerpin, tones[16]);
else if(potentValue<280){
tone(speakerpin, tones[17]);


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