capstone 0


IMG_0745this is My Capstone project  its a villager  i made cause of my love of minecraft.

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Object And Base 0

Object And Base

IMG_1601 This Is  My  Object And Base Project I Traced

it out it wasn’t that easy cause if you hit the wrong button you have to start over

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Hanheld Maze 0

Hanheld Maze

I made this maze with a swirl in it it may be easy but its fun and it will be cut soon its a square maze and pretty simple it took me a few times to make it and i like my design even if it is easy. it just finished cutting i glued all of the wood on here is what it looks like nowphoto-on-12-21-16-at-5-10-pm-2  It’s A-Mazing

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Plotter Drawing

So far i finished a design for my plotter Design its a slime from Minecraft i think it’ll

turn out good. Then i got to make Vinyl Decal i wonder what i’m going to make i might make Pikachu for my decal. Next i got to make a cookie cutter

I might make it be a butterfly or a pikachu comment if you think it should be a butterfly or pikachu. I write soon to say which i will make.  -Courtney

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im making a led thing its not done yet it and i cant wait to get it done i don’t know if i will get it done today

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game jam 2016

we made this game is called evolution panda heres the link   click here    so if you want to try it there you go if you want to use it and our team name is team panda and we won last year and this year were hoping to win but one of our team mates didn’t show up we waited and he didn’t show up so we made our game on our own were a team of 3 willie

jordyn and me courtney i love game jam.

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