DHF youthworks day 6 and 7

For today I am going to finally print my laser cut sword. Hopefully it turns out! I am also working on making a sign for the office so when people arrive to DHF they know where the office is.

I think this sign will look really good. Its also a team project so hopefully we work well as a team!



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DHF Youth works day 5 0

DHF Youth works day 5

For today I was super productive and created the cardboard prototype for the phone hologram makerette project.

I had designed the hologram so it is had interlocking parts and it works the parts lock together!

I also had free time and created a sword that is going to be cut out of acrylic. I am calling it the ice sword.

Below is the prototype picture.


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DHF Youth works day 4 0

DHF Youth works day 4

For this day I finally wrote the project outlines for the two projects. Right now I have Hologram pyramid and Sticky note mural. I think they will both turn out amazing.

I have created a template for the hologram pyramid that will be laser cut. Hopefully it works and the pieces stick together!

Overall a pretty relaxing day today 🙂


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DHF youth works days 2 & 3 0

DHF youth works days 2 & 3

For these days  for my MA internship I learned more on Inkscape and finally used the laser cutter!!! I cut out a sign for my horse that I ride at Ray-Ann Farm and made a floppy cat wooden pendant!

For my PP internship I finally picked out my top 3 makerette projects, Mural,Hologram and embroidery tech! Can’t wait to start building the instruction plans for those and seeing everyones faces when they hear what we will be doing!

Below is a picture of my horse sign

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 3.02.31 PM

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DHF Youthworks day one 2

DHF Youthworks day one

Today was the very first day of my summer employment with Digital Harbor foundation!!

For today I reviewed on vectors in Inkscape and met with my mentors, Mary and Jen!

I have two positions this summer, Maker assistant (MA) and Project planner (PP).  The MA position is building and making things for DHF while the PP position is making projects for family make night and the Makerettes!

Below is my project I made for my first day on my MA position!

Right now for my PP position I am looking up fun and exciting wearable electronic projects! Maybe earrings that are powered by LEDs or Arduino we will have to see!

Candle (1)

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Flashlight!!! 0


Today I made a 3d printed flashlight!

My first design failed so below i had to make a second design….

Sadly the on and off button doesn’t work.



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