Motion Graphic

This year in the dhf creative programming one of the project I did motion capture. For my motion capture project I what two rectangles run in each other . The first thing I create was variable, then  I named it super friend which the rectangle to run into each other. I’m glad to see how it turn out.

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Gimp is a art with technolegy  and you make games like mine craft you can create  swords,mug , zombie, a zombie holding a mug the hero has a sword. I made a sword, people,treasure chest,hearts

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Things I have done with gimp

I used gimp to create a batman game called batman rooftop run unfortunately I had accidentally deleted my game so had start from scratch. And sadly all got done was the main character so I still have to do the background,villians,etc. But I will get it done.

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Who am I ?

Hello my name is Derek but you can call me Dj. I’m 12 yrs old soon to be 13. My interest in maker foundation’s mega lab are 3d printing,game design, and graphic design . I like making stuff, video games,comics,outside activities.

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Sample Portfolio Piece 0

Sample Portfolio Piece

This is a portfolio piece. I have set it as a portfolio by choosing the “Portfolio” category on the right side of the edit post screen.

A portfolio might contain text……

This is a project I’ve been working on to help manage all our 3D printers. It’s called FabHive!

and photos…..

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Hello world! 1

Hello world!

Welcome to Youth Portfolios at DHF Sites. This is a blog post.  It is used to give updates on what is going on but may or may not be related to a project.  I have set it as a blog post by choosing the “Blog” category on the right side of the edit blog post screen.

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