i made a sketch of a basketball shoe. this project was significant because ball is life. i used the program inkscape to create my picture. I used the pen tool and the pencil tool. i did not encounter any problems. i learned that math is actually useful.

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servo motor

i work well with the library i thought it was easier than keep retyping it. it is different from a regular motor because it turns 180 degrees.

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potentiometer and led 0

potentiometer and led

arduino is a program you can code on and also is a mini controller you can make devices on. A potentiometer is a little nob you can turn that increases or decreases sound or the brightness of an led.


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javascript porfolio

This course i learned a lot about how to code in javascript,html,and css. I liked how the different code interacts to show pics,vids,and sounds. I also liked searching for things that i wanted to put on my project. in my project i made the most Mlg site ever. It was called

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raspberry pi mcpick2

I enjoy learning to code. Also i liked putting the wires and buttons on the bread board. the most challenging part is knowing what the code does.

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