The project prompt that i liked the most was remaking the song with the piezo and photon. At first the process was slow but then i got help and it went faster from there on out. Some problem that kept occurring was when i had to upload it to the cloud. Then i asked for help and it went smoothly from.

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I decided to make a platformer game with a motorcycle. I was inspired by motorcycles because I like motorcycles. i think my game is significant because when u die it switches to a screen that reads GAME OVER!! When you win it switches to a screen that says YOU WIN!! First i sketched out my game on paper. then, i encountered a problem when i forgot to save. my design evolved when i wanted to incorporated things into my game and i learned new things so i added more things. i learned that you could add gravity to your character. i didn’t really change anything. i think that my finishing product is better than what i started with.https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/146465778/#player

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interactive game

I finished my interactive game you play as a goblin hopping from platform to platform . my controller is a makey makey that has a wrist band for the ground.https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/99771706/http://stage1

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scratch game 0

scratch game

My game is about a goblin who jumps from platform to platform. A challenge i faced was gravity, the speed of the jump was to fast. I used gravity and side scrolling. I need to finish up my side scrolling.


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