Capstone project Reflection

I like my capstone project. I think it’s cute. The prompt was to create a project that uses at least 2 skills that we learned. I used 3D printing and circuits. My project is a 3D model of the rose from Beauty And The Beast. If you press the play-doh, it will play the song “Belle”. I made this project because I had recently seen the new live action remake and wanted to make something based on that. It was pretty easy to make this project… first, I created the rose on Tinkercad. Next, I hooked up the song to a keyboard on Soundplant. Then, I cleaned and attached the 3D prints. After that, I tested and fixed the rose. Finally I was done. I could admire my work! The biggest problem that I had was that plastic is not conductive, but I fixed that easily with some play-doh. The most important thing I learned in this project was that you could copy urls of YouTube videos to get the audio. That was really helpful. If I did this differently, I would have chosen a different song, like “Evermore”. I also could have printed something different, but I like the rose. If you ever made something like this, a tip I’d give you is to use bunny ears in Tinkercad to make rose petals. It really adds a nice touch.I liked creating this rose, and I hope that you enjoy it, too!