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Dream House Project 0

Dream House Project

this project prompt for this project was to create a house using the Python programming language. To complete it uniquely, I decided to make the house out of wet clay, which you probably can’t actually build...

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Capstone project Reflection

I like my capstone project. I think it’s cute. The prompt was to create a project that uses at least 2 skills that we learned. I used 3D printing and circuits. My project is a 3D model of the rose from Beauty...

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Capstone Project… So far. 0

Capstone Project… So far.

My Capstone project is Beauty And The Beast themed. It is going to have a 3D print of the rose, and if you touch it, the rose will play ‘Belle’. I have designed the print in Tinkercad but I have...

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A new way to play the t-rex game!

egraf_makeymakey I made a cute controller with a makeymakey for the t-rex game! All I used was paper, two pencils, and the makeymakey kit. it’s pretty simple, all you do is press the cactus to jump, and...

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I love graphic design. I created this cute picture using GIMP, and that was fun. I also made it into an animation, all you do is sit back and watch! I made it because I wanted to make something about...

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