Capstone Project 0

Capstone Project

Photo on 1-18-17 at 5.59 PMFor my capstone i did the object and base project because i skipped a bunch of days.  It was really easy to make.  I didn’t have any trouble.  I designed a sign that points to the exit.  And its gonna stand up with the base. The thing i liked most about my project was that it was really easy and i finished really fast.  I made it because i think it will be cool to put on my bedside table.

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Vinyl Cut

I made the logo for why fictional band. It’s not very significant.  I used Inkscape. I encountered problems. I dont remember them though because it was like a year ago :P.  Originally it was just some circles but then i added the text.  I learned how to bend text. I would change the color, but thats not possible.  It’s not much different, but i learned a bunch of controls for Inkscape.


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Plotterererererererrrrrr thingo project :) 0

Plotterererererererrrrrr thingo project :)


This is my design, i don’t know what it is or why i made it. I thought it looked cool though.  A problem i had was trying to get curved text, i couldn’t unfortunately. I used Inkscape to make it. i don’t know how to use Inkscape so it’s not very good.



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The Zombie bunker design 0

The Zombie bunker design

Today i established my general plan and start my poster/design.  My house is made of wood and bricks and sheet metal.  I have a farm and a gutter that collect rainwater.  Its has to complexes, the living area and the farm connected by a bridge over the river.

Photo on 1-4-16 at 5.45 PM #2

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Super fountain of econesssssss P2 0

Super fountain of econesssssss P2

Today we worked on the project a bit more.  The administer said that our project was good.  The only materials we used was cardboard, paper and some weird styrofoam stuff for the base.

Photo on 12-7-15 at 5.28 PM

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