Ethan Roby’s portfolio

Ethan Roby’s Portfolio

I learned a lot from this course. I learned how to build a Jelly Box 3D printer, how the 3D printer works, and teamwork.
Challenges we had during the build was trying to get the screen to work. After hours of trying to figure it out, and a new arduino. We finally figured out that the power for the screen was not properly plugged in.
Things i am most proud of from this build process is when we were finished wiring it and for the first turned it on. Although I was more proud when we got the screen to work.
Working with my team-mates was a great experience working with this team. We have our inside jokes and can get along. The only problem we faced was the screen not turning on and we worked together to figure it out.
I would like to build another. It was a great and challenging experience.