Fabslam Project

The problem we all decided on was college campus transportation. To solve this problem we came up with the idea of a foldable skateboard that would fit into a backpack so you could take it inside and not worry about someone stealing it as easily as a normal skateboard which sticks out of your backpack. This was one of the things I am most proud of. The moment when we first tried to put it into a backpack and it actually fit no problem.

Working with this group was alright, however just like any group project there was that one person (I am not going to name any names) who does nothing and just slows productivity in the group. We shared our responsibilities very well however. We had two people designing the skateboard, and we had one person working on the paperwork and website. Once the two people working on designs had come up with a good idea they showed it to the rest of the group then we all voted on weather it should be applied to the final product or not. One big problem we had was the hinge. The two people designing it went though many iterations before the entire group agreed on a design. This took about three to four weeks. I personally think that we worked well together.

I feel like I had a big contribution to the project. I brought the wheels and trucks so we would not have to buy them. I chose what grip-tape to buy, and where the holes for the crews should go. These contributions feel important to me because I feel like a really helped with the creation of the foldable skateboard. However I would like to improve it. Currently the hinge is sloppy and not very strong. I would like to fix that by thickening the pin in the middle of the hinge to make it have less slop and be able to support more weight.

Hinge iterations

First prototype

First prototype with wheels

Second prototype made out of wood