Ethan Roby’s Double Scale Mini-figure Portfollio

My prompt was to create a Lego ninifigure twice the scale. I made my double scale minifigure by taking measurements of real minifigure pieces with digital calipers. I used the measurements to recreate the pieces in Fusion 360. The main tools I used in Fusion 360 are line, circle, rectangle, and extrude. Extrude turns the 2D sketch into a 3D shape. Then when I would print a piece I would open the file in FlashPrint and double the scale. This means that the scale if the minifigure pieces in Fusion 360 is the same as real life but would double it in flashprint I finished ahead of schedule so I also made a custom TV head for my minifigure.

I started with measuring the real minifigure with digital calipers. Once I had the measurements I recreated the minifigure in Fusion 360. After I finished I used FlashPrint to double the scale and slice it so the 3D printer can understand the file. I printed it using a Flashforge Finder 3D printer.

The main challenge I faced was getting the pieces to fit together without being to loose or too tight. The hardest pieces to make were the arms. The reason why was trying to get them to fit into the sockets on the torso correctly with the right tolerance. I eventually fixed the issue with constant trial and error of changing the size of the pegs on the arms.