Ethan Roby’s Mancala Board Portfollio

My prompt was to create a Mancala board using a milling machine. I made my Mancala board by taking measurements of one in real life and the piece of wood i would be cutting it from. Then I recreated both of them in Fusion 360. The main tools I used in Fusion 360 are line, circle, rectangle, fillet, and extrude. Extrude turns the 2D sketch into a 3D shape. To cut out the Mancala board I used pocket clearing and two parallel passes perpendicular to each other. I used the parallel passes to help smooth it out. Once I was ready to cut it out I exported it to Easel so the Carvey could understand how to cut it out. Then I carved it out on a Carvey.

I started with measuring the mancala board we had using digital calipers. I used those measurements to recreate the mancala board in Fusion 360. Once I had the mancala board in Fusion 360 I exported it to Easel so the Carvey can use the file. I then cut the mancala board out of a piece of wood using a Carvey.
The main challenge I faced was trying to create the paths for the carvey so it knew how to carve out the mancala board, and making sure the chanels going around the board fit inside the boundaries however they ended up not working out in the end.