Ethan Roby’s Maze Portfolio

My prompt was to make a hand held ball maze. I began by creating the maze pattern. I designed the walls of the maze at complete random. The smiley face in the middle is also there for no reason. To make the walls of the maze I used the pen tool in Inkscape. I made them at random as I went including the smiley face in the center. I took out the fill color of the walls and left the stroke. Next I converted the strokes to paths. This makes the walls thick. I created three layers of the maze and cut them out on a Rabbit laser cutter. There is the bottom layer which has the handles and the outline for the walls so I know here to place them. The middle layer has the walls which I place onto the outlines and glued on with wood glue. Last is the top player, it is the acrylic cover for the maze which is supposed to be held on by four screws. One in each corner. However we at the time we did not have the screws we needed so I used tape, but i still included the holes for the screws just incase.
The main challenge I faced while creating the maze was making sure the ball would fit through it. To make sure it did I made a circle in Inkscape with the same diameter as the ball and move it through the maze.