Fabslam Project

The problem we all decided on was college campus transportation. To solve this problem we came up with the idea of a foldable skateboard that would fit into a backpack so you could take it inside and not...

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Ethan Roby’s portfolio 0

Ethan Roby’s portfolio

Ethan Roby’s Portfolio I learned a lot from this course. I learned how to build a Jelly Box 3D printer, how the 3D printer works, and teamwork. Challenges we had during the build was trying to get the screen...

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Capstone Project

My capstone project idea is to make a game controller for a two player Tron like scratch game. Each person will have a controller snd the goad in to eliminate the other player using the trail left behind you....

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Things i like

These are some of the things that i like. 1: steam is a service where you can buy games, make friends, chat with people, and sell in game items. 2: PC building: I like to build comuters. Just this summer i...

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Scratch game 0

Scratch game

My game is called “the amazingly long adventure” it is a simple platformer were you try to get to the end of each level. Here is a video clip of my game....

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Hello world!

Welcome to Youth Portfolios at DHF Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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