platformer game jam

I didn’t get to finish my game but i still worked out

what did you choose to make? a plat former of a she-fox who needs to protect her pack’s prey from cats and other foxes. Like i said i never finished it though.

is it significant? well the game was just a plan, i don’t really think it was important, but its not finished so i don’t know if it would be

what tools did you use? piskle and scratch, thats it

did you encounter problems? yes a few like how do i get the white to not be around the sprite (i never found out how because i didn’t finish/ couldn’t be here when we could finish it.

did your design evolve as you where working? yes, the sprite changed, the way she was shaped to her colors ( her idle stance )

what did you learn? that making games is really, REALLY hard

what would you change? the sprite design possibly, hopefully being there on the day we finish up.

how does your result compare to what you started with? do i have to say this again? i never finished it so i don’t know.