CCBC: Mancala Board CNC Milling

CCBC: Mancala Board CNC Milling

CNC Milling: Mancala Board

In this project, I made a Mancala board using the carvey, Fusion 360, and Easel.

Because Mancala boards have such simplistic designs, I knew exactly what I wanted my design to look like and how I’d create it in Fusion. Doing this was just a matter of trial and error, with the sizing and spacing of the circles. Fusion 360 made it extremely easy to change the size of the circles ,which allowed me to get the sizing correct with minimal time.  It was fun and easy to create a Mancala model using Fusion 360.

After finishing the design in Fusion 360, I needed to create a physical Mancala board. To do this, I exported the Fusion file to a .gcode and then used a online resource called Easel to send the .gcode to the carvey. I then used the carvey to fabricate my design.  Before fabrication, I needed to secure the wood with mounts to the carvey so the wood was stable.  Once the set up was complete, the carvey took the Easel file and began cutting my design through the destructive manufacturing process. At this point, I monitored the machine to make sure the mounts I installed were secure. I unfortunately experienced several failed cuts with the carvey.  This was due to incorrect securing of the mounts, which resulted in the wood shaking  and not calibrating the design correctly.  It took four or five attempts to learn how to secure the mounts so the wood was stable. But after some trial and error, the carvey fabricated the Mancala board into a functional game.

This project did a very good job introducing me to the carvey and destructive modeling. I loved watching a big block of wood turn into a design that I created in Fusion 360. However, I experienced lots of error with the carvey such as calibrating and connectivity issues.  I realized that the mounts were the key component to a successful cut. 


I think destructive modeling is very interesting and would love to dive deeper into it.

Building base of Mancala board in Fusion360

Adding holes to Mancala board

Finished design

Finished Mancala board

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