Final Project: Pinball Machine

Final Project: Pinball Machine

CCBC: Final Project

In this prompt, we created a “mechanical pinball machine” using a 3D printer, laser cutter, and the carvey.  For this project, we worked in a team.  The five of us started by drawing everything out and discussing the tasks and then divided up the work among the team.  The tasks we came up with were: Obstacle Design, Flipper Design. and Body Design.

Zion and I began work on the Flipper Design. First, we did some research and found a way to create flippers out of cardboard.  Next, we made a cardboard prototype and created a cardboard flipper that had 5 different components.  To make a flipper, we needed to glue the pieces together, which were mainly done with hot glue.

Next, we did some “reverse engineering,” to get the cardboard prototype into a 3D printed version. We split up the 5 components, modeled them in Fusion 360, and then fabricated them on the 3D printer. The challenge of the flipper design was that it was difficult to put together the five pieces into a functional flipper. We solved this challenge by re-sizing and reprinting a few of the components. After two or three redesigns, we could finally assemble our flippers onto the pinball machine hot glue and super glue. After the flippers dried, they were ready to use.

After this I created the flippers, I made a Digital Harbor logo for the pinball machine using destructive manufacturing. I first designed the logo in a .svg file and then imported it in Easel -Fabrication software for the carvey.  After this, I continued with the normal fabrication process of the carvey to create the logo.  Finally, I added the logo on the machine using super glue.

This project was extremely valuable to me. I got to experience first-hand what working on a team project is like. At times, we suffered from poor communication and inefficient task management. However, as we progressed in the project, our communication (and efficiency) greatly improved.

If I got the chance to do this project again, I would certainly make a more complex design of obstacles and possibly paint the pinball machine.

Bottom Piece

Flipper Pusher

Pokeball Obstacle

Finished logo in Easel

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