Jelly Box Build Portfollo 0

Jelly Box Build Portfollo

What I learned from building the 3d printer is that it is a lot of work to it and we have to find the item and sometimes we couldn’t find it .The biggest challenge was that the screw could not fit. I am most proud of  the fact that while I was out my team still got it done. I like that we all get along and we all work as a team. I was making sure we kept every thing organize. I was out but i was playing youtube video for them and was keeping stuff organized. We lost some of our stuff. We worked through it by skipping to the next step.Maybe because it was great building it.

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My verter fab project

What i did so far i made loges for a project I had made it for my youtube stuff but i can’t show the picture of it but it a c with an arrow and it one with the word challenege dozer

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Mole making project 1

Mole making project

What i doing for my mole making is i making a wrestling belt  so i not done yet because it a little bit hard so this how it look right now. keep postingwrestling belt

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Connector Toy 0

Connector Toy

I have to say that this connector toy project i would not say it easy or say it hard well i guess in middle i am making rectangle.This my idea so far .I will test this hypothesis and tell you how it go.screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-5-05-29-pm

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What i learn about iMovie

i learn you can do such awesome stuff that i know and use stop motion and what youtuber do on day one we started film a movie that did not go well so we cancel the movie and day 2 i make a wrestling commercial base on something happening today and today it was editing day i edit all my movies

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What i think so far

The best part in this coures is the codeing and electrict and use led light i don’t know what to do with respyberry pie

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