DHF Capstone project 0

DHF Capstone project

For my DHF Capstone project I decided to use a servo to have an ever looping punching fist while a piezo plays a song of my choosing in the background. I decided to make that because I knew I wanted a musical element in it and for my servo design i had a 2d fist so making a 3D one that actually extends would be better and a sort of expansion. I used analog inputs for this because it’s how I learned how to do this. I also used analog outputs to do this. ( The song code is unfinished)

int speakerPin = 9;

int numTones = 23;
int tones[] = {294, 294, -2, 294,294,294,294,294,294, -2, -2, -2, -2, 340, 340, -2, -2, 340, 340, 340, 340, 349, 340, -2, -2, -2, -2, 349, 349, -2, -2, 349, 349, 349, 349, -2, -2, -2, 349, 349, 225, 225, 225, 225, 225, 225 };

void setup() {


void loop() {20161110_170903
for (int i = 0; i < numTones; i++) {
tone(speakerPin, tones[i]);


//{261, 277, 294, 311, 330, 349, 370, 392, 415, 440} 247, 225
//mid C C# D D# E F F# G G# A low A G

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Welcome back loyal viewers…if any..

Today I will talk about the adruino the circuit board that you can input coding into. The potentiometer is a dial you can code to turn a change the brightness.  I used an analog input for the LED. The potentiometer gets the code to decide the amount of energy the LED gets which is controlled-brightnessValue=map(potentValue,0,1023,0,255);

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Game Progress

Hello higher ups please no more blog post

My game is sneak a game where you have to sneak around and steal stuff while sometimes fighting and i will only probably get level one done in time. i am not far at all in progress i am programming my sprites right now and i havent even made a background yet.

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Interactive game design

My studio name shall be…(pause for dramatic effect)….. three people and a non person. This  company is started by a solo hacker called virus his love of art and games with his love of technology and his creativity led him to start a company but after he passed he gave the company to me a gave it a new name and a new face and now im giving it a new start. I expect ti get a better understanding of scratch and game design from this course. i am most excited about learning about how to make good sprites and the steps of game development. the most challenging thing i think will be in this program is the actual programming of it.

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3D Printing 0

3D Printing

This was so far my favorite unit because it was fun 3D  printing things. I made things like a name tag and quilt piece. For my Final Project i made a collection of rings i did not get to print them yet because i couldnt get them to be the right size before time was up. i will still post a picture of the rings i made for you to enjoy.Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 4.38.18 PM

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