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My team and I decided to tackle the problem given to us which was a foldable skateboard. In my opinion, I didn’t feel this was a problem, more of a challenge and we wanted to tackle it so it was aimed for short term distances, faster than walking. In my opinion, the hardest challenge was getting the right hinge design, finding it and making it work. We solved this by trying and trying and failing and trying and then succeeding. I am most proud of the skateboard and the final prototype (SO FAR). It was hard and easy to work with the team. Easy because people listened to everyone and hard because I don’t like working in a group. I feel like I was in the team for backup so my most of my contribution was just support. I would make the hinge bigger as an improvement so it stabilized the board a little more. 

This was our final design for laser cutting.

This was our final prototype.

This was our first prototype.

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