working with the CNC mill Mancala board

For our first time using the cnc mill (carvey), we were tasked with designing, and fabricating a mancala board. A mancala board is a part to a game, in which you play against another person, and take turns moving small stone, or marbles to score points. We each made half of a board so that we are able to take our macalas, and put them together to play.

When making the mancala boards we used fusion 360, a 3d design software that we had use previously but for 3d printed projects. After our initial design was created, we learned how to use the manufacturing tools in fusion 360, this helps make our design ready for the carvey, by creating the paths it will follow when cutting.

Unfortunately my first attempt at the mancala board did not work with the manufacture tools in fusion 360. I then remade the design, and it worked fine, I am still unsure why it did not work the first time. The manufacture options in fusion are sometimes confusion to work with, thankfully after this project I feel comfortable in preparing a file for the carvey. After exporting the completed model, we uploaded them to the google drive, and prepared the carvey.

Preparing the carvey includes putting on the bit or chute, and securing your material. Once the cut is finished we would vacuum and clean the machine to ready it for the next cut. We learned why it is important to properly clean the machine after each project, for example if saw dust is left in large quantities in the machine, it can compact under the chute and knock it off course. Creating the mancala board was fairly easy, the hardest part was using the manufacture options in fusion, sometimes it takes a while to actually make the paths work correctly. If I were to do this again, next time I would probably try and customize the mancala board more, maybe make the board itself a different shape.

These photos are from another side project that I worked one after the mancala board, it was suppose to be a teacup cutout that could be used as a fridge magnet, or decoration. Unfortunately the design did not work with the mapping tools for the carvey. Originally the edges were filleted in the original design which made it look much better, after realizing it wouldn’t work, I tried simplifying the design like the one shown below.


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