Capstone Project

Ah the Capstone project.

This took longer than it should have, but hey at least i got it done.

My idea was to create a table and chair for the project. There is a area in my home that has a weird corner and i designed the table to fit the corner. (Sadly i was not able to get the table into the spot for reasons that are difficult to explain).  The design on the table is very unique to my personality.

The various logos are things i love for my entertainment.

My chair (as shown above) is really simple in design, but i was able to cut and sand the wood by myself with a little help operating the machinery. The process went fairly well with some iterations not being compatible with significant weight. But I finally got it to work out.

This project was fairly simple, but I did run into a few issues.

At first the CNC had an issue with one of the screws that messed with the belt but we eventually got it fixed.

That was the only big issue besides the other chairs caving in. I do feel that this is a fun thing to pursue.

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