VectorFab Capstone Project

My VectorFab Capstone project is going to be a laser cut Chessboard.  The way I designed it was by making one piece, which was the basic design for all the pieces I made, and then I copied that design 16 times, and those pieces are the pawns.  I then copied another piece, made the design for the rook, and copied that until I had four rooks.  I did that process for the other pieces, but for the king and queen I only made two copies.
Photo on 1-18-17 at 3.59 PM

I made the board by outlining an eight inch square and then making one inch squares inside of it.  I was going to make a half inch border, but the challenge was that I couldn’t make it work with the holes going through the board, as Inkscape thought the border and the actual board were two separate surfaces and the holes would only go through one layer.  The other challenge I had was mapping out where the holes in the board would go, and how big they needed to be.  Once it cut, I painted the pieces and board black and white and let them dry.Photo on 1-19-17 at 4.37 PM

I think it turned out really well.  Because of the paint, some pieces have a harder time getting into the holes then other pieces, but they still go in so it’s not that big of a deal.

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