Game Jam

my game was based on a fighting in the woods as a samurai fight the ninja’s. i didn’t finish my project, but next time i will finish this. i came on the last day of game jam because of illness. what tools i used to do the job was scratch.com and that website will so you how to make a video/computer game. a couple thing i learn from the website was the different sprites and designs to use and how they function. something that i could do better is add more characters, background, and finish the game. my game is called “stuck in the woods.”https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/145757520/

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A Arduino is a software computer thats works what ever you tell it to do. Arduino can be use with many other thing like LED, or activate things. The dial on the Arduino is called a potentiometer. A potentiometer is put on a breadboard( a extra slab to put extra LED,or etc)to turn up or down LED light power. you can code an Arduino by putting to jumper wires to ground and 5v.

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Makey Makey 0

Makey Makey


                           I call this my makey makey 3000. what you do is press the big buttons to move the mouse, yellow is up, green is down, purple is left, and blue is right. you use the arrow key to move your characters in a game. you press space to jump and press click to click.


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agent 12 0

agent 12

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.27.24 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.30.14 PM

my game is about a agent that protect the city from zombies. so you can build barricades around your city. find food, shelter, and crossbows. protect your family and people. BUILD YOUR CITY

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Sample Portfolio Piece 0

Sample Portfolio Piece

This is a portfolio piece. I have set it as a portfolio by choosing the “Portfolio” category on the right side of the edit post screen.

A portfolio might contain text……

This is a project I’ve been working on to help manage all our 3D printers. It’s called FabHive!

and photos…..

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