platform game jam

i choose this idea because i love to play video games with cats and i think that their aren’t enough cat video games. i used scratch for my video game i used a app to make pixel characters. i...

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My Little Pony Keychain 0

My Little Pony Keychain

so i made a pinkie pie keychain and if you want one you can contact me and i need you to tell  your favorite MLP character and two colors and ill print it for youand i will make one for you like...

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The Capstone With Gimp And Tinkercad 0

The Capstone With Gimp And Tinkercad

my idea was to make a picture of my favorate charitore pinkie pie this is pinkie a fun and energetic pony and i love her and now i am using tinkercad to 3D print her and that what i am working on so thats...

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my favorite module was circuits

i liked circuits because i got to make a play do pikachu that said “pikachu” and it was so cute. and i also liked how i could i make music out of cats purring and it was so fun i loved it

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