FabSlam Portfolio

My team decided to tackle the growing epidemic of drunk driving, by creating The Sober Box. It would ideally be placed in bars and people would put their keys in the box and would have to take the breathalyzer test to get them back. If they were over the acceptable limit they would not be able to get their keys back.

The biggest challenge was the coding for the breathalyzer because my team and I didn’t have the technical prowess to do it by ourselves so we got help from our coach. Im very proud of the overall concept of it, because it is a very useful idea and can be very versatile in different situations.

It was very easy to work with my teammates because we had very similar ideas on how it should even though there were some rough patches we got through them very easily. We handle each task in a organized manner, where we would each be assigned to a certain task for the day and we would do and receive the next task. We had an issue decide the look, and whether or not the keys dropping mechanism should be manual or automatic.