Java Script Badge Apllication

Recently, I did a course at Digital Harbor called Creative Programming. While in this course I gained, as well as refreshed new and old coding skills. We did a project that I found slightly interesting, It was a motion graphic, and I learned a lot about troubleshooting while making it. The objective of this motion graphic changed over time. Originally, I was going to have two circles meet in the middle, before changing the number to four. I also decided on changing the color of the background and circles as they points met up at the midpoint, 200,200. I used if then statements and variables in this process.


Down below, you can find a link to my code, as well as the functional project.



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Sidescrolling post

Recently, I was tasked with creating a side scroller game. I didn’t get through because I had only been there one day but, I managed to do some.

  1. The planning phase was one that didn’t have much influence. I planned something then in the middle of my process I do something different.
  2. My scrolling code is a basic glide left and right code that the character controls.
  3. I used a handmade variable to change the size of an interactive item for one of my minigames.

My game is very simple and I only have one level but it sucks.

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I’m in the process of creating a small, but not so small site using Atom called TypeWriter. It’s not much. Just about five or so pages of basic HTML code…. I wanted to make something where I could write freely and because I can’t go on Wattpad or Tumblr, I have no place to do that. I guess the last thing I can do here is give a link to my code.

Code Link


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My time here at the VectorFab program was interesting, to say the least. I learned how to use laser cutter safety and practiced with it for a few days. My favorite part of the program was using a digital art tool called Inkscape to design the projects that I created. I was able to use different tools to my advantage and imported images from google that I was later able to convert into a vector image to laser cut or screen print. I like screen-printing because you can turn an design or image from Inkscape and convert it into a sticker that you put on a screen and print onto a piece of fabric. I printed the words “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.”  with a butterfly decal in yellow.  Overall, this program was amazing.


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marker holder 0

marker holder

I made a marker holder which can color two sides of filament at the same time. This is  the last edit I made on a file for the holder in 123D .

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.36.08 PM

These are the final prints for the marker holder

Photo on 3-1-16 at 4.44 PM #2

Photo on 3-1-16 at 4.44 PM #3


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`I needed something to do for my mini project so I made TinkerBell! I wanted to do somthing cool so I chose tink i used squares,spheres and round roofs to make it. 

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