Fiction writing and Drawing

Fiction Writing

I like fictional writing because It provides a world completely different from the one we live in. And when you’re the one writing the story, you can control what happens in this fantastical world. And when you control the characters to a story, you can experiment with character arcs, and see how good of a villain you can make or if you even need a villain. and two good websites for tips on fictional writing.


I like drawing because I choose what goes on the paper in front of me. I can make a cat, dog, fish, bird, snake, spider, a landscape, or something completely abstract. I can experiment with shading and color. But I usually draw characters for my fictional stories so I can express them visually. Most of the time, I spend my time drawing characters. is a great website for seeing character drawings with good use of color and shading, and I take a lot of inspiration from them and many other artists.