p5 loading screen 0

p5 loading screen

  I made a loading screen for one of my projects. I chose to design it like this because I like the way it looks. One challenge I had was getting the square to move across the screen. I initially didn’t...

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Side scroller (sort of) 0

Side scroller (sort of)

I didn’t know what I wanted to make when I was assigned to program a side scroller, so I decided to make an “off-brand” doodle jump. Doodle jump is a mobile game where you jump on platforms...

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Capstone scratch game

Recently for my capstone project, I’ve been working on a scratch.com game. It’s a puzzle game about trying to escape from a locked room with a single light source.

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Scratch.com project 0

Scratch.com project

I loved making my scratch.com project. I decided to make a racing game called “THE LION RUN”. See the project here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/127904244/ I had made sprites of a mountain...

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Fiction writing and Drawing

Fiction Writing I like fictional writing because It provides a world completely different from the one we live in. And when you’re the one writing the story, you can control what happens in this...

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My 5 goals for maker foundations

When I first started Maker Foundations, my five goals were: • Making friends •Learning more about programming on scratch.com •Learning programming other than scratch.com •Learning more about 3D printing •...

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My projects

My favorite projects so far were the scratch.com project and the makey-makey projects. The scratch project helped me learn some programming, which was very fun. The makey-makey project helped me learn some...

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