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Hello All,

My coming to Digital Harbor , I wanted to add some color and life to the mechanical and brick filled city area that DHF is located in. As a Cultivation Specialist I have accomplished my goal. Me and my fellow Cultivation Specialist Faajah, have created several planters, two of which are self watering.

During the first weeks of working here, we had planted seedlings. Seedlings ranging from broccoli, to squash, to tomatoes. With the heavy rains the small seedlings didn’t stand a chance. We had tried to save them multiple times, draining them and letting them sit out to dry. Though eventually, only a few of them survived. However, we did not let that stop us. Instead we learned from our mistakes and created a step planter to place the seedlings on and added a cover. This time, we planted Alaskan peas, Lettuce, and cherry tomatoes. For housing those seeds, when ready to plant them, we created a planter.
When creating the planter we took into consideration which of our seedlings would work well together in the planter. Finally deciding on placing the peas and lettuce as the two plants going into the planter, we got to painting. Wanting to keep the Digital Harbor colors, we chose blue and white, but to wanting to add variety added purple as well. Once all the planks were painted, it was assembled. We added 4 planks to each side, drilled the lattice in, lined it, and the planter was built. Now the beautiful planter, adorning the baby pea plants, adds a pop of color to the courtyard in front of DHF. I feel that this will benefit DHF in multiple ways. This will give DHF some snacks during fall season, but also create a topic of interest for people who walk by it.

We have also created self watering planters for our surviving squash plants. We used two methods. One used a bottle that the plant will end up growing into. The other used 2 buckets and the water reservoir was on the very bottom of the container. Staff and youth will continue to monitor these plants as youthworks comes to a close. This will also produce food that will benefit DHF and will still add greenery around DHF without too much hassle.

Our one main struggle was creating working bird feeders. Even now, both of the bird feeders we have created attracted little to no birds. Our first prototype was a mesh cone, similar in shape to a waffle cone. Even after a few weeks of monitoring the feeder it seemed untouched. We tried again with a bottle feeder and that once again kept failing and was unsuccessful. Knowing we did not have enough time to build another, we gave up and focused more onto the plants.

Overall, this summer as a youthworks employee has been a blast, and I had developed skills that I had not delved into before. I will definitely come back to work again!

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Final Project

I worked with my friend Carrie for the final project. We used Makey Makey and 3d printing for this project. We are creating a cockatrice using paper mache and used 3d printing for the beak. Our first problem we encountered was the wings. The membrane kept splitting and fraying. Our other problem was using audacity to make my voice sound deeper and inhuman so when we played it it would sound like the cockatrice was saying it. We found a way to do the voice and made the wings out of a different material instead. I like how we used our own creativity to create something for multiple purposes.


This is a picture of what we were aiming to create.

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MaKey MaKey portfolio

For the MaKey MaKey prompt I built a prototype for a possible solution for a final project. I used cardboard, copper tape, and hot glue to create rings that when I touched them they moved the page back and forth. I created the rings to help when I read manga. I faced the challenge of making the rings comfortable on my fingers. I could overcome this challenge by using a better material.

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3d Portfoilio 0

3d Portfoilio

The project prompt was to create an object used in everyday life. I created a box with a symbol on the bottom. If I could make it better/ if I did it again I would make it better I would make it bigger. My favorite part about my project is the little symbol and the color of it.


Photo on 5-11-16 at 4.36 PM #4

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Scratch Game

I did not end up completing the game. I wanted to do a version of space invaders. The version I tried to do was quite complicated and confusing. I wanted to get multiple birds to advance at the same time only to get one moving.

Link to Game.


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Final Project Brainstorm

My final project is going to be a cockatrice from Good Mythical Morning, a youtube show made by Rhett and Link. I am working on this project with Carrie. We are be going to make it say a catch fraise the two say at the send of every episode, “Its time to spin the wheel of mythicality.” We are going to combine Makey-Makey and 3d printing to create this project.

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