Servo Project

A servo a thing that is not a motor that we used in this lesson to make a greeting sign.  The first time I used the Servo it would rotate in short burst but then it would turn twice but once I reprogrammed it . I decided to make a flower with arms to attach to it so that it will be a moving happy flower with arms moving happily. Basically the servo is a small machine with gears to turn it.

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My favorite project are the first two led ones. Sometimes my code doesn’t work and I don’t know why.

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Project Update #2 0

Project Update #2

I have finished all assets and am working on mechanics. I have finished backgrounds,Level 1, and sprites. I should finish the game soon. Here is one of the main characters.


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Project Update

The project is coming along really well. I lost my gimp things so I have to start that over. I already did my title page, pause menu, and need to finish making characters. I need to work on my controller. My controller will be the classic joy stick and button.

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Renovate a empty space challenge part 2!!

Today we continued with our modeling of the buildings and such. If you haven’t read my other article about this you might want to so you will be able to understand my project more. We continued to build the tree house and we did a critique. They all said it was a great idea since this a zombie based project. Today we did finishing touches like the ropes and the contents of the safe haven from the zombie apocalypse. Read more about the project at this link: Renovate an Empty Space P1 . Thank you for reading!!!

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