Zombie Centered Design

Final project: Day 10

Today in Zombie centered Design we worked on our final projects which is basically a self sustaining camp to protect 4 adults, you, and a handicapped dog. It needed to be built on a 2 ft by 2 ft square. It needed to have a house/shelter and the scale was 1 inch equals 3 feet. Some things that were difficult were making the scale right and at joining points make them actually join together. I will continue working on it on Wednesday.

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Renovate a empty space challenge part 2!!

Today we continued with our modeling of the buildings and such. If you haven’t read my other article about this you might want to so you will be able to understand my project more. We continued to build the tree house and we did a critique. They all said it was a great idea since this a zombie based project. Today we did finishing touches like the ropes and the contents of the safe haven from the zombie apocalypse. Read more about the project at this link: Renovate an Empty Space P1 . Thank you for reading!!!

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Renovate an Empty Space

Today in zombie centered design we created 3-D model of how we would recreate a space. Yesterday we made a blueprint, took measurements of an empty space, and made a list of needed materials for the project. We created actual buildings with a scale. The empty space  we used was the second courtyard in the front of the Tech center. My group and I decided we would make a safe house from zombies that was like a ropes course, with obstacles. My favorite thing about this project was creating the version out of cardboard.

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Day 2

The team finished the houses and now have a new feat. Jerry’s hand was amputated because a zombie bit him, and he could not drink coffee :(. But we made a different type of cup with handles where he can stick his nub that doubles as a bracelet holder :).

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Day 1

The team of zombie killers including me, continue to build our houses we must finish by night fall.

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Day 0

We designed houses based on the tiny house movement. Mine is two floors since the tallest it could be was 1 foot.

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