For our FabSlam project, my team and I decided to make a weather proof helmet to make travel safer and easier for bikers. 

Our design was basically a helmet with a protective layer between the shell and padding of the helmet to keep rain out and glasses connected to the helmet for eye protection. 

To do this we ordered a helmet and cloth from amazon. Then we designed a template for our goggles on Tinkercad. After printing the glasses for the first time, we discovered that our design was not structured to fit to our helmet. So, we went back to the drawing board and created a new design. This one was more round so that it fit around the edge or the helmet. This design worked perfectly with the helmet. We put clear acrylic as the lenses. 

The most challenging part of the project was getting the glasses to fit properly and getting the scaling and design correct. 

To improve out product, we would put a visor over the goggles to keep rain out of the wearer’s vision also, we would use waterproof breathable fabric to ensure precipitation protection. 




The prototype canvas fabric

                                      Prototype Glasses                


                                          Our finished helmet