FabSlam!! 0


For our FabSlam project, my team and I decided to make a weather proof helmet to make travel safer and easier for bikers.  Our design was basically a helmet with a protective layer between the shell and...

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3D Printer Build!!! 0

3D Printer Build!!!

While building the 3d printer, I learned how to work as a team. How to divide tasks so that everyone has an equal contribution to the completion of the project. My biggest challenge was finishing the project...

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Capstone Project Progress!! 0

Capstone Project Progress!!

So, for my Capstone project I am making a makey makey drum kit. I changed my mind abut using 3d printed pieces and now, I am making a console using cardboard, foam, Duck Tape, aluminum foil, and glitter glue....

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Drum Set Supreme! 0

Drum Set Supreme!

      So, my capstone project is an interactive drum set that will play various sounds when played. The applications I will be using to create this is Tinkercad Soundplant 3D Printer Makey...

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Poof Poof 0

Poof Poof

Poof Poof   My favorite mini project was the graphic design project. I learned how to use “Gimp,” a graphic design software, to make an original character. There are a lot of tools within the...

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My Goals For Maker Founderations

My goals for my time at Maker foundations are: To make new friends. To learn how to make websites and code. To learn how to use a  3D printer. Learn how to do graphic design. Have...

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Hello world! 0

Hello world!

My favorite project that I’ve made at Maker Foundations is the 3D printing. It is so fun and easy once you learn how to use the equipment. Here are some pictures of the projects I’ve made : This...

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