Nano Prototype: A scratch story

We were given the challenge of going onto scratch in order to make a pixelated game of our own creation or remixing another’s work. My version of a pixel game, Nano Prototype, was one in which the main character, Nano, goes on a short adventure through an unknown land(a land in which I have not named) and using the code I have formulated Nano can speak, jump, move left and right, and if he does not do what he must “die” but brought back at respawn by pressing R. I made this due to the fact that I personally like adventure games so my main basis was to make a game in which the player can go about this 2D world solving problems and exploring the different “realms” of which are still in development. During its creation, I had trouble with doing things such as making the code for jumping and going through each level. But, even though it took time, I have progressed with help from my peers and instructors. Next time, even though I count this as a success, I will look at other references and build upon those.