CCBC Capstone Project

My capstone project is a music stand that is made mostly using techniques from the vector fab and 123D printing course, but there are some CNC milling components. I started out with a pvc base, this was so the stand could fold for easy storage, but it turned out to be unstable.(figure 1) The pipes were connected to the top of the stand with a 3D printed connector that I made.(figure 2) Again, I learned this was not the most effective designed even though it sounded like a good idea at the time. The connector was unstable and it fell and hit me multiple times.


The top of the stand is made from a white board material so you can write your practice log or even your music. This was supposed to be able to tilt upwards but the part that makes it rotate but that part did not function correctly. I made the rotating part using the 3D printing, I designed it using tinkercad.(figure 3&4)


This stand as a finished product is a failed prototype and I will be remaking it as a better model, this is the common process for a project, prototype and iterations.

The second stand working on, I made these changes:

  1. Wood was used instead of pvc
  2. The wood is connected using 3D printed ledges.
  3. The top of the stand opens an the sides are milled.
  4. The peice for rotation is made from wood instead of 3D printing.

Theae are just some of the examples, I’m nkt completely done with my project but I continue to work on it and add a I go.

It’s detached, but this is the where I am at the current moment. I still have to add hinges and attach it to the lower part of the stand.

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