The prompt for this project was essentially to create something in scratch that shows understanding of the basic ideas of coding, using the platform of scratch.

The game (just_hold_up) was meant to be composed of only 3-4 objects: the note(s), the rhythm bar, and the failure bar. The goal is to press the right keys while following the beat of the song in the background. If the player fails to do so, the note will simply finish traveling to the end of the screen, and trigger the failure bar, which adds a ‘miss’ to a counter. Once the player has missed 5 notes, the game ends. The only way to win is to complete the song.

I’m not quite sure what prompted me to make this game. I suppose I was listening to music at the time and was thinking about how I liked the beat of the song, and then decided to make a game based on that rhythm (the keyword being ‘tried’). After my initial inspiration, I was also inspired by the game ‘taiko: drum master,’ which features side scrolling notes and only two choices of notes.

After spending several hours on my project, and after having made some pretty good progress, I tried to add another element to the game. However, in trying to do so, I messed up pretty much every other aspect of the game. It was difficult to add more interesting elements to the game, and more difficult to accept that the end product wouldn’t be what I wanted it to be. (shown is some code from the game)

If I wanted to fix my problem, I would have to first motivate myself to go back and fix it. After that, it would be a pretty simple matter of figuring out exactly what’s wrong, and spending a little time just thinking about what a possible solution might be. I had made the mistake of not stopping to think while I was coding, which just bungled up the whole thing.