html reflection (in progress)

HTML Reflection

a post by peter mackinnon



  1. What was the prompt for your project?
  2. What is your project?
  3. What challenges or obstacles did you face?
  4. What did you like best about your project
  5. How would you make it better

The prompt for this project was to create a reflection on our experience with html while simultaneously showcasing our skills with html.

My project is this very post you’re reading right now. It includes several html elements, such as lists, both ordered and unordered, headings, and paragraphs.

While making this project, the most difficult part was probably remembering the questions for the maker reflection, honestly. However, I did have some trouble when I would switch back and forth between the ‘text’ and ‘visual’ tabs, because the html would keep changing if I were to switch from it.

What I like most about my project is that it gives me a chance to practice more with html and just coding in general. I like that it ends up looking like it might be a part of an actual organized blog. Haha. Organized blog.

Well, it’s hard to talk about making it any better, as I am currently in the process of writing it. But, I suppose what would make it better is if I was considerably better at writing code, or even just writing in general.