Final Capstone Project The Amazing Domino Maze

This capstone project is about the Joy of Dominos. For this project I made a Domino Maze comprised of dominos of all sizes because  


I did research on domino mazes and different creative ways to stack dominos

I made the maze using different sized Dominos made with a 3d printer, laser cutter and milling.


I used laser cutting to build my GIGANTIC domino as well as a  bunch of my normal size dominos


I used 3d printing to make some special designed dominos that were made to knock over things normally out of reach for a regular domino.

I was going to use milling to make stairs and make large dominos that were going to be the second to most largest domino in my maze but ran short on time and was unable to get that done.

Some of the challenges I faced were; coming up with and idea, figuring out how I was going to efficiently use the 3d printer, laser cutter and the mill, and finishing my project.


So it took me an extra long time to come up with an idea because i didn’t know what i wanted to do and I didn’t want to do nothing too complicated.  I finally decided to do the whole thing on dominos.


Now once i had this idea of doing it on nothing but dominos, I had no idea how i was going to use 3d printing, laser cutting and milling to create all of these things. I had my mind set on just using the 3d printer to create all my regular size dominos but my teacher, Dishon convinced me that the laser cutter could do that much more efficiently and quickly than the 3d printer.

He also helped me figure out how i could include the mill and the 3d printer.

I finally came to terms with using the laser cutter for all my regular size dominos as well as my gigantic domino, using the 3d printer for a modified domino designed to knock dominos down at different heights, and to use the mill to create stairs as an obstacle to help knock down my gigantic domino.


And finally, my toughest challenge was finishing because i took so long figuring out what i was going to do for my final project and coming up with a plan that my work time was essentially cut in half. So I was unable to make it to the milling part, but I was able to give everything else finished with the help of my teacher and Ms.Mary.

This course was really fun, I really enjoyed learning about 3d printing, laser cutting (even though i got hurt during that section of the course but still made out ok in the final project because of prior classes I took at DHF) and milling. Dishon Hall was a good teacher and supporter, and I had a lot of fun doing the projects.